Sep 13, 2011

Women Are Big On The Little Things Men Do For Them

Women want men who possess these qualities

  • Sentimental and romantic without being mushy
  • Funny without being embarrassing
  • Intelligent enough not to make her look stupid
  • Adventurous but does not leave her behind
  • Smell good, but is not drowning her with his perfume
  • Committed but not jealous

If you want to know how to attract women, get good at doing the little things. The average single woman is not looking for perfection but she wants a little piece of heaven once in a while.

Hold her hand

Holding a woman's hand announces to the world that you are proud to have her walking beside you. It is also a statement that says you are taken, which is a form of respect she will be impressed by.

Take Notice

Take notice when she has changed her hairstyle or bought a new dress. This is a clear indication that you really see her. A few compliments will not hurt either!

Be a Gentleman

Women still love to have a door opened for them or a chair pulled out for them when they are at a restaurant.

Cook for Her

There is nothing more special to a woman than a man in the kitchen cooking the meal. It says that you appreciate her and want her to relax and be pampered.

Call Her

When you call just to say I miss you or I love you, you have struck gold! She will be thinking of you all day.

Buy her a little something

Women love the little things, like love notes and cards. You can spend a lot of money on expensive jewelery and she will still consider those love notes to be among her most cherished possessions.
[Source: Random Thoughts on Dating and Relationship]

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Sep 12, 2011

Q & A: How to Make a Woman Bow Down to You

Q. Here's the situation, Doc: She seems nice and sweet. She is also a bit of a smart-ass, which I like. She's always "subtly" hanging around me and talking to me, smiling, taking peeks at me. She'd always ask me how my day is going, laugh at my jokes, do things for me...You know..."nice"!

The funny thing is that so far I hadn’t met ANY resistance with her...none. Talking to problem. Got her number...that was easy. Setting the date up...easy! No problems! Now on the "date"...there WAS a problem! Maybe you can figure out the problem because I'm lost!

You see, I didn’t frame it as a "date" but rather I set up a "get together". I always do that. She was there on time where we were to meet which was the mall and we did some shopping. When we first met my original plan was to go to this place that has an arcade, a bowling alley, ice-skating, and put-put golf. It sounded like fun to me! But she said she wanted to stay at the mall and that was fine because that was my second option. Plus she bought some things while she was there. So I had two possible plans in place.

We shared a few laughs and there was some kino going on. Not a whole lot but enough to keep it interesting. We talked a lot (well, I let her do most of the talking) and everything was going smooth until...

Her dreaded cell phone rang and it was some guy that asked her to meet her somewhere! She NEVER said anything about having a boyfriend and I felt it'd be AFC-ish if I asked if it was! So, I didn’t ask. In fact when the phone rang I told her "Tell them you're busy!" I think cell phones on a date are rude anyhow! Oh, but it wasn’t a "date" it was a "get-together!" Hmm. Whatever it was I still thought it'd be rude if she talked more than a minute.

Anyhow, she made it quick like I told her...
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