Sep 13, 2011

Must-Read: Have Yourself Some Wild Sex

Would this really be a week if we didn’t lay down a link to some sex tips in these parts?This week, it’s all about her. Namely, what she likes. And by finding out what she likes, that means she’ll actually want to have sex with you, which means that you’ll be getting more sex from [...]
[Source: How to Talk to Girls and Dating Tips for Men]

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Adelaine said...

They go with the standards of what do you do, do you come here often and the like. What you want to do is to ask a woman questions that get her to reveal things about herself in a fun way that she does not reveal to just your average guy. It makes her feel like there is a special bond there. But any way I'll just gonna follow your article and look forward to get more info on How to Make Love to a Woman.